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Distinctive Dentistry on Maitland Blog

September 5, 2022

Can Wearing Dentures Affect My Sense of Taste?

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People with dentures eating a pizza and smiling.

Everybody loves to eat! And as one of your five primary senses, your sense of taste plays a crucial role in your quality of life; things would be pretty dull if you couldn’t taste all of your favorite foods. Unfortunately, a diminished sense of taste is something that can occur naturally as we age. But there are also other things that can worsen this reduction, including dental restorations like dentures. Keep reading to learn more from your Altamonte Springs dentist about how wearing dentures can inhibit your ability to taste foods, along with some tips for lessening their impact.


September 3, 2022

Can I Still Drink Coffee After Getting Porcelain Veneers?

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Woman smiling while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed annually, making it one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet. But as popular and beloved as coffee is, it’s not exactly great for your smile—it’s notorious for causing stained teeth! But what if you have porcelain veneers; can you still regularly enjoy coffee with no fear of your veneers becoming stained, or is it better to show caution and reserve? Keep reading to learn more about how veneers can sometimes become discolored and what you can do about it.


August 17, 2022

Wondering if Cosmetic Dentistry is Safe?

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Man giving a thumb’s up while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you; so, having a dazzling set of pearly whites can make all of your first impressions positive and memorable! But if you’re unhappy with your smile, you might be wondering about your possible options. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has many available treatments that are certain to brighten and enhance your smile—and the best part is that these options are all entirely safe! Keep reading to learn more from your cosmetic dentist about what makes cosmetic dentistry safe and some ways you can utilize it to upgrade the look and feel of your smile.


August 3, 2022

Flossing with Invisalign: Why It’s Important & How to Do It

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Closeup of a man flossing his teeth.

Invisalign has taken the world of modern dentistry by storm! Many patients these days turn towards the clear aligners to straighten their teeth, correct bite problems, and give them a smile that they feel proud to show off. That said, if you’ve recently started Invisalign treatment, the success of the aligners ultimately depends on a few things: your commitment to wearing them, your willingness to swap to new trays when it’s time, and of course, maintaining a clean mouth throughout treatment. This means brushing and flossing! Here’s more about the latter and why it’s extra important to floss during your Invisalign treatment, along with some easy-to-follow steps for getting it done properly.


July 18, 2022

8 Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Dentures

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woman smiling while caring for dentures in Altamonte Springs

Dentures are one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth. Whether you need a few or an entire row of pearly whites, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of a full smile again. Although your restorations will be durable and reliable, their longevity will depend on how well you treat them. Read on to learn eight crucial tips on caring for dentures so you can make the most of them for years to come!


July 5, 2022

3 Ways to Handle a Dental Emergency During Summer Vacation

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people enjoying summer after visiting emergency dentist in Altamonte Springs

The last thing you’d want during your summer vacation is to experience a dental emergency. Not only can these situations often be unsettling or overwhelming, but they can also take the fun out of your trip. However, there may be measures you can take to both protect your pearly whites and make the most of your summer plans. Keep reading to learn three ways your emergency dentist in Altamonte Springs says you can handle an urgent dental situation during your vacation!


June 3, 2022

5 Must-Know Tips for Avoiding a Dental Emergency

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Woman experiencing pain from a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies can happen any time or any place; and they usually occur when it’s least convenient! That said, you don’t have to live your life in constant fear or anticipation of a dental emergency. In fact, there are actually quite a few things you can do to drastically lower your chances of experiencing one! Keep reading to learn more about five must-know tips that can help you avoid a dental emergency in Altamonte Springs.


May 11, 2022

Do Root Canal Procedures Hurt?

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Illustration of root canal treatment

You probably want to ask some questions if it’s your first time getting root canal therapy.  After all, it’s important to know about costs, logistics, benefits, etc. However, you’d also want to assuage your fear about the procedure. That being the case, your biggest question is likely, “Are root canals painful?”

Altamonte Springs’ dentists answer with a resounding “No!” Read this summary on the root canal process to find out why!


April 25, 2022

Can You Put Your Knocked-Out Tooth Back In By Yourself?

Filed under: Uncategorized — smtusa @ 7:10 pm
man holding cheek from knocked-out tooth

Around 5 million people get a knocked-out tooth each year, according to the American Association of Endodontists. If this is something you’ve experienced, then you should definitely seek emergency dental care as soon as you can! But is it possible to put it back in on your own while you wait for your visit? Read on to learn when it’s safe to place it in its socket and how to safely do so.


April 5, 2022

3 Steps To Follow When Learning To Talk With Dentures

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mature man smiling with dentures

Have you recently gotten your dentures? Now that you have them, you can be sure to enjoy a fully restored smile again. However, many patients sometimes find it challenging to speak with them on. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case for long. Keep reading to learn three steps to follow when talking with dentures to make the process easier!

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