Posted by Timothy M. Lane Feb 17,2016

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….that Gardasil, the youth vaccine for cervical cancer also guards against oral cancer — HPV 16 & 18? Oral cancer has been greatly on the rise due to the human papilloma virus (HPV) over the last several years. It was fist thought to be sexually transmitted — which it certainly can be— but this virus can also be transmitted through other contact also. In the mouth it is most commonly found back in the throat area. If you notice any irregularity with your throat such as hoarseness, change in voice, pain with swallowing or a lump in the throat or neck that doesn’t resolve after two weeks it is best to have it evaluated.

In the past oral cancer was found in the older population that smoked and drank alcohol their whole life. Now oral cancer due to the HPV is on a sharp rise especially in the teens to early 30’s with males leading the way more than 3:1.

… that blueberry extract may one day be used to treat periodontal (gum) disease? In a way to avoid antibiotic use natural sources have been researched to find an alternative way to treat periodontal disease. Studies are showing success with blueberry extract being placed in the deeper periodontal pockets killing one of the main bacteria that causes periodontal bone loss, F. Nuceatum.

…that many teeth needing crowns are from forces on the teeth vs. disease/decay? What would 975lbs of pressure do to your tooth? That is the highest recorded force measured during nighttime teeth grinding. Nighttime grinding forces are always much greater than we could ever manage during waking hours clenching our hardest. These forces create fracture lines deep in the enamel that cause cold and painful biting pressure sensitivity. Left untreated this could lead to needing a root canal in addition to a crown with the fracture deepening to the nerve of the tooth. Some signs and symptoms of extra forces on your teeth are a flattening and/or chipping on the biting surfaces of your teeth, headaches in the temporal area, and a jaw that tires easily with chewing firm foods such as a bagel.

…that enamel starts to decalcify at 5 to 5.5 pH and enamel fortified with fluoride does not start to decalcify until 4.5 pH and below. Fluoride treatments are all about prevention! If you have expensive dentistry, root exposure and/or are still actively getting decay you are a great candidate to benefit from fluoride treatments! A nice side bonus, it helps with tooth sensitivity too. …that rarely is a smile given without it being returned? Let the journey begin with yours!

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