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What parent doesn’t love that toothless grin of their little one? Generally between the ages of 6 months to 1 year the pearly whites start making their appearance – then parents it’s time to be on your game! Here is some information to keep their smile trouble free.

  • Baby Bottle Syndrome– Never put your little one to bed with a bottle. Any feedings should be finished prior to bed. Having the bottle loosely in their mouth where they periodically suck on it while sleeping leaves a pool of milk on their teeth which will cause rapid decay. Once teeth emerge they should be brushed daily using water or non fluoride toothpaste.
  • Thumb Sucking– Many little ones find great comfort in sucking their thumb, but when should you become concerned? Most children will stop by the age of 4 on their own. Those that suck vigorously after their permanent teeth erupt are at greater risk of misshaping the growth of their mouth. 
  • Sealants and Fluoride– Prevention is key! Most permanent molars come in with deep grooves that bacteria and sticky foods can get trapped in. Sealants will seal off the grooves to the offenders keeping these areas cavity free. Usually around age 6 most children understand how to spit out and not swallow. Once this has been learned, start using the over the counter fluoride rinses to help prevent decay in addition to dental office fluoride treatments. Reduce frequent snacks and drinks with sugar and carbohydrates. Visit the dentist twice a year. Should trouble arise, early intervention is key.
  • Mal Occlusion– Unfortunately not all teeth come in straight. Teeth that do not intermesh properly will run the risk of chipping, premature wearing and jaw joint dysfunction. Orthodontics may help to preserve teeth for a lifetime.

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