Posted by Timothy M. Lane Apr 15,2015

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The mouth certainly is a complex environment. From the unusual forces we place upon it to the acid regulation that takes place, the teeth sure do take a beating! Below are some common causes of tooth structure being destroyed without decay being a factor.

  • Grinding wear – While we can certainly grind our teeth in the daytime most of the damage is done while we are sleeping. Forces while sleeping can be greatly magnified above our daytime ability. Ever notice the flattening in teeth? This is the result of grinding. This wear usually starts with the canines (eye teeth). Once enough tooth structure is worn away the wear progresses on to the neighboring teeth. Coupled with clenching this will not only wear the teeth, it also is a main cause of teeth fracturing, requiring crowns.
  • Abrasion – Caused by heavy tooth brushing with a back and forth motion or too firm of a toothbrush. Many times this starts where you brush first with a heavier hand and fresh toothpaste. Common first offended site is the upper left side.
  • Abfraction – Caused from very heavy chronic forces microscopic flecks of enamel and root structure are forced from the tooth surface.
  • Erosion – There are many causes of acid erosion such as high frequency soda drinking, bulimia and acid reflux (GERD or silent GERD). Highly acidic oral environments will cause any/all of the wear conditions mentioned above to happen at an accelerated pace. Erosion can also increase your chances of having sensitive teeth.

All of these wear patterns are controllable and repairable, but best of all; future wear is preventable with intervention-the earlier the better! Your teeth can be protected from excessive forces simply by wearing a night guard. To battle the erosion it may be a diet change or treating acid reflux which will make your esophagus much happier too.

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